Key Vault by Ocean and Earth
Key Vault | Ocean and Earth
Key Vault | Ocean and Earth
Key Vault | Ocean and Earth
Key Vault | Ocean and Earth

Key Vault

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Keep your keys safe while you hit the surf. The Key Vault from Ocean and Earth features a toughened steel metal case with a weather proof cover and a dial code combination locking system. With a large key storage area this key vault will fit most keys. Surf with peace of mind knowing your keys are safe and secure.


  • Dial code combination locking

  • Large key storage area - fits most key types

  • Heavy duty toughened steel metal case

  • Weatherproof Cover

  • Internal key compartment size: 69mm wide x 74mm high x 22mm deep

  • For close proximity car keys pair with Signal Blocking Key Pouch

Setting Your Personal Combination

Please ensure that you take care when setting your security pin code. Accidentally bumping or moving of the dial numbers whilst setting the internal lever could result in your chosen code being set incorrectly. Also, be careful not to bump or move the reset lever while in use.

If either of the above happens you will be unable to open your key vault with your chosen code. Your Key Vault is preset at 0-0-0-0 (even though dials may appear in other combinations).


How to Open :
Turn the dials at preset combination 0-0-0-0 and pull down the door to open.
To prevent other people beside you seeing your code, please scramble the combination after opening the door.

How to Close :
Turn the dials at preset combination 0-0-0-0 and push up to close. Please scramble the combination after closing the door.

How to reset your combination :
Open the lock at present number 0-0-0-0.
Push the reset lever from original A to B position.
Set your own combination
Push back the lever from B to A position.


IMPORTANT: Never close the cover while the lever is in 'Code Reset POSITION B'. This will result in permanent locking.


Opening your shackle :
Open your lock.
Slide the 'Release' lever in direction of the arrow.
Open the lock shackle.
Then remove the shackle
Affix to suitable anchor.
Closing your Shackle :
Holding the 'Release' lever in the direction of the arrow.
Relocate shackle into lock.
Then release the 'Release' lever

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